Ultralist Slack integration

Ultralist’s aim is to integrate with the tools you already work with. With our Slack integration you can:

  • View and manage your list within Slack
  • Get a 9am daily agenda sent to you in Slack
  • Create tasks based upon slack messages

Installing the Slack integration

In order to install the integration, you must be a Slack administrator. Install the integration via this button below:

Add to Slack

Once completed, you’ll be redirected back to Ultralist, with a notification saying the Ultralist Slack app has been installed.

Associating Ultralist with Slack

Ultralist needs to know which Slack user is yours. So the initial command you need to run in Slack is /ul login. You’ll get a screen like this:

Click the Connect account button. You’ll be redirected to Ultralist. From there, choose the primary list you’d like to use when interacting inside Slack.

Once finished, you’re good to use the slack integration!

Using the Slack integration

Adding tasks

You can add tasks in a few places.

Viewing your list

Receiving the agenda