Command-line task management for tech folks.

Ultralist is a simple, powerful, open source task management system for the command line.


Ultralist has a beautiful CLI UX that is designed to be as intuitive to use as possible.


Ultralist is built for speed. It is written in Go.


Use powerful filtering to customize ultralist to how you work best. Script it, alias it, grep it - it's the command line, after all!

A workflow that works for you.

Ultralist is based upon Getting Things Done.

  • Has concept of projects, contexts, and due dates.

  • Todos can be prioritized, completed, and archived.

  • Filter and sort your todos in a way that makes sense for your own workflow.

  • The Ultralist CLI is based upon the unix philosophy. You can grep, filter, awk, and sort.

  • Ultralist uses a well-documented simple json structure for storing todos.

Ultralist Pro: the ultimate add-on for professionals.

Complement the Ultralist CLI by going pro.

Ultralist pro enhances the CLI by adding integrations you already work with, sync across multiple computers, and more.

Seamless sync with the CLI.

Ultralist pro syncs bi-directionally seamlessly with the Ultralist CLI.

Works where you already work.

Integrates with Slack, Basecamp, Github, and more.

Manage your list from anywhere.

Access and edit your lists from your browser and phone.

Powerful API.

Customize your workflow, or quickly build an integration with a service you use.

Loved by hundreds of engineers worldwide.

Ultralist is the first task management app that fits my workflow well. Since it's a CLI at it's core, I can integrate it with all my other dev tools in a seamless way. With the slack integration, Ultralist has everything I need to manage my tasks as a remote engineer.