Managing lists

How to manage your lists using the Ultralist CLI.

Creating a todolist

You can initialize a todolist by running ultralist init. This will create a .todos.json in the directory you are in.

The todolist in your home directory is special. ultralist will use the list in your home dir if it does not see a .todos.json in the directory you are in. This allows you to manage your main todolist file even if you are in another directory.

Archiving completed todos

Archive a single task:

$ ultralist ar 9
Todo archived.

Or, archive all of your completed tasks:

$ ultralist ar c
All completed todos have been archived.

This is great to run at the end of your day. Since ultralist only lists todos that are unarchived by default, these archived todos will be off your main view.

Garbage collection

  • ultralist ar gc will delete all archived todos.

This is a great thing to run weekly. You’ll get a bunch of low ids back, and you’ll keep your .todos.json file small.

Deleting a list

Simply delete the .todos.json file from the directory you’re in. Be careful about this one!