Task recurrence

You can set tasks to recur by using the recur and until directives. If a task recurs, a new task will be created when the current task is completed.

Using recur

  • ultralist add Daily standup recur:weekdays - add a recurring task
  • ultralist edit 3 recur:monthly - edit an existing task to recur

Tasks can recur with the following cadence:

  • daily
  • weekdays (Monday-Friday)
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • none

You can cancel recurrence by editing a todo and setting recur to none:

ultralist e 23 recur:none

Using until

You can also set an until date in conjunction with recur. Example:

ultralist add Work on +budget planning recur:weekly until:dec5

The until directive uses the same date syntax as setting due dates for tasks.

Using until is optional - if you don’t set an until, the task will recur forever.